Loan for Self-Employed – Do You Know All the Opportunities?

Individual entrepreneurial credit can help you achieve your goals. Much depends on how, where and in what form you claim it. Let’s start with the most important thing: Being self-employed means that you can apply for a loan from a bank, both as an individual and as an entrepreneur.

So the most important question is whether you are applying for a loan as an individual or an entrepreneur – your options are quite different in the two cases. This article is mainly about entrepreneur loans. You can read more about personal loans available as an individual here.

Loan as a self-employed for private purposes

Loan as a self-employed for private purposes

If you are self-employed, you regularly carry out economic activities on your own behalf and at your own risk, and are responsible for your work with all your assets. Because of this, it is not easy to separate your finances as an individual and an entrepreneur, since in a sense the two are one and the same.

However, when applying for an individual entrepreneurial loan, it is worth clarifying whether you need the money as an individual or you want to develop your business – once you know the answer to this question, you will find the best solution.

If you are in need of external financial assistance as an individual


There is no question that you should choose from retail loans. Just like an employee applying for an employee status, you can take out a personal loan or mortgage that you can use to buy a used home, or to buy or build new real estate.

However, developing a business is another matter: even a low-interest, freely available personal loan or mortgage can help you achieve your business goals, or you can choose from a range of loan offers available to businesses. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, let’s go through them.

The procedure for applying for private loans has now been completely simplified, even for sole proprietors. Smaller, freelance loans have come to the forefront of online solutions, and the application for mortgage loans has also become more transparent with the spread of Qualified Consumer Loans. If you take out a loan as an individual, you can use the following types of credit to develop your business:

Free-to-Use Personal Loan

Free-to-Use Personal Loan

Typically, this type of loan can be taken for between $ 500,000 and $ 7 million, but you can apply for up to $ 10 million without the need for real estate collateral. The advantage of this type of loan is that the application process is simple and you do not have to settle with the bank about what you are spending your money on. 

Free-to-use mortgage: This loan is worth taking out if you need a larger amount than a personal loan and not for a home. Applying requires a real estate collateral, the value of which affects the amount of credit you can claim. The term may be longer, up to 20-30 years for such a loan, so it is worth considering the options before you start.

The application process is the same as for other mortgages, except for the important feature that you do not have to certify to the bank what you spent the money on. However, due to the latter feature, this solution is slightly more expensive than tied-up mortgages.

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