If Your Baby Won’t Find Out: These Are The Best Payday Loan Deals

Problems with baby support? Nothing’s wrong! In the marketplace, we can still choose from favorable payday loans. If we were to demand a larger sum without the need for self-sufficiency and collateral, it is possible.

The baby loan is aimed at young married couples


But there are many who fall out of the pixel, even though they would also benefit from support for their goals. For a variety of reasons, there is a huge drop in the possibility of baby-sitting from July 1st.

They are the ones who:

  • unmarried and not planning a marriage within 3 years,

  • they do not want a child,

  • over 40,

  • not have a continuous TB relationship for at least 3 years.

Otherwise, couples who do not wish to have (additional) children can apply for a baby loan, as there is no need to declare how many children are planned. The number of children planned does not affect the amount of baby loan. 

payday loans and Baby Loans: Similarities and Differences

Personal Loans and Baby Loans: Similarities and Differences

There are several similarities between baby loans and payday loans:

  • both are free to use, so you don’t have to prove to the bank what you’ve spent,

  • you don’t need your own power,

  • no real estate collateral,

  • the bank will decide if you are creditworthy based on your income,

  • negative KHR listing is a negative reason in both cases (although banks may accept passive KHR status for baby loans),

  • the maximum loan amount is HUF 10 million.

Let’s also look at the differences:

  • baby loan maturity max. It can be 20 years, but for payday loans it is 84-96 months,

  • the baby is guaranteed by the state,

  • Applying for a baby loan requires at least 3 years of continuous TB relationship, a payday loan usually requires 3-6 months,

  • the prenuptial of the baby loan is conditional on impunity, and the public debt must also be certified,

  • only married couples can apply for a baby loan, but you can take out a payday loan even if you live alone or in a partnership,

  • Applying for a payday loan is faster and you can even go online with several banks. in the case of a baby loan, the bank has 10 days to evaluate the loan,

  • a couple of women applying for a baby loan must not be older than 41, and there is no such clause in a payday loan.

Considering the differences, we can see that we have fewer conditions to apply for an average payday loan.

Here are some key features of an average payday loan and baby loan.

These are the best payday loan deals

These are the best personal loan deals

A financial calculator helps you make the most objective comparison of payday loan offers. The Good Finance payday loan Calculator lists the currently available bank offers based on the parameters you specify (loan amount, maturity, etc.), after which we can sort the items by APR, monthly installment, or total repayment amount.

We have set the calculator so that we would like to take out a 10 million forint loan with a 96-month or 8-year term. There are three banks where we can do this

. The joint offer of Sberbank and Good Finance is available at a APR of 7.57%. Thus, from the second month onwards, the monthly repayment installment will be HUF 136,632 and the total repayment amount will be HUF 13,286,172. The specialty of the offer is that the bank credits the monthly installment at the end of the term. To qualify for the Sberbank Preferred payday loan, you need at least $ 250,000 in net monthly income.

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